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Food & Beverage Magazine – February, 2016

New of Better For You Foods LLC’s entrance into the USDA Certified Organic marketplace hit fever pitch in February, 2016 – with Food & Beverage Magazine profiling the company as the cover story with headline, “Frozen Pizzas Get Cooler!”



Progressive Grocer – January, 2016

PG-LOGOProgressive Grocer magazine was one of many media outlets to spotlight the launch of Better For You Foods LLC into a producer of USDA Certified Organic products. The publication shared with readers the news that the company is now developing certified organic products will not only enhance the Better4U Foods brand – but other natural food brands as well – due to new Private Label certified organic product development.  To see the listing on the Progressive Grocer website, click here.


The Grocery Headquarters Magazine – 2016 Trailblazer Award Winner – November 2015

2016-Grocery-Headquarters-Trailblazer-AwardThis month we received news that Better For You Foods LLC has been selected as a 2016 Selling Wellness Trailblazer Award winner!  This award is particularly meaningful to us, as it signifies an appreciation for our company’s innovative spirit. In 2016, the Better4U Foods brand will be launching new USDA Certified Organic lines of Gluten Free and Whole Wheat Pizzas – and a new line of All Natural and Certified Organic Edible Bowl products. We will proudly display this award within upcoming advertisements that showcase our commitment and capacity for developing the healthiest offerings in the natural foods and frozen foods categories. Better4U Foods LLC will be featured among other award winners in the January 2016 edition of Grocery Headquarters magazine.


Frozen Foods Category – 2016 Selling Wellness Trailblazer Award Winners!

The Gourmet Retailer Magazine – Editors’ Pick Award Winner – September 2015


In an official notification received from the publication, Better For You Foods LLC has been informed that,
The Gourmet Retailer is pleased to honor your product – Better4U Gluten Free Sprouted Ancient Grains Pizzas – Mediterranean – as being among the year’s most tasty, original and on-trend retail items. As in years past, we faced the tough challenge of choosing the best of the best from a range of companies across all store categories.  It was no easy feat selecting top products in terms of innovation, taste/functionality and value.”
A write up about the winners will appear in the publication’s August/September 2015 issue.

Wheat Watchers Online – July 2015

Wheat Watchers, the magazine that celebrates gluten-free living, included Better4U Thin Crust Sprouted Ancient Grains Gluten Free Pizzas in their roundup of Fast and Fabulous.  “Not just better for you, but your taste buds will thank you! This gluten-free cheesy variety is topped with a mozzarella, provolone, Asiago, and a Parmesan cheese blend….sprinkled with oregano and parsley to add the perfect accompinament of flavor. With all natural ingredients, don’t feel guilty about snagging a few extra slices.”

Whole Foods Magazine – June 2015

187373114For the Second consecutive month, owner and EVP of Sales & Marketing Amy Lotker was quoted within a Whole Foods Magazine article. In a feature about savory health trends, Amy provided a couple of quotes about the healthy frozen pizza category, including this one, “Sprouted grains and ‘ancient grains’ give consumers a crust that has more of a nuanced flavor profile.” The company also offers gluten-free and vegan varieties made with great taste in mind. She states, “It was our own family and friends who initially inspired us to create healthier, more flavorful gluten-free pizzas than what’s traditionally been available.” Read the article here



Whole Foods Magazine – May 2015

Ancient-Grains-imageIn a recently published article entitled, “Grain Expectations,” journalist Kaylynn Chiarello-Ebner provides insights into, “Why ancient grains are sprouting extra sales at retail.”

Amy Lotker, owner and EVP of marketing and sales here at Better For You Foods LLC is quoted numerous times throughout the article, including this suggestion regarding the current popularity of quinoa and whether or not that poses a future threat for farmers putting all their grain in a singular basket – “Quinoa agriculture has provided many farming communities with opportunities to be more successful than ever, but those communities do need to seek balance in their practices—particularly because there is no guarantee that the increased interest in quinoa will continue at its current pace.  Read the article here


Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery Magazine – February 2015

Better4U Gluten Free Sprouted Ancient Grains Pizzas were featured in the New Products section of the recent issue of Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery Magazine. The magazine feature story, “Improving Pizza Performance” focused on the trends emerging within the Pizza/Flatbread category. Innovation in pizza crusts and the continuation of gluten-free growth were highlighted.



Progressive Grocer Magazine – 2014 Editors’ Pick Award – 7″ Gluten Free Pizzas

Better For You Foods LLC is proud to have received a 2014 Editor’s Pick Award for our Gluten Free Personal Size 7-inch Pizzas.
This award marks two years in a row that our Better4U Pizzas have earned Editors’ Pick honors – last year was for our Sprouted Grain Pizzas. Aside from the great taste of all five varieties, the Progressive Grocer Magazine editors appear to appreciate the niche that our new line of gluten free pizzas fill in offering consumers a lower price point, less freezer space consumption and of course, providing a more nutritional value than competing brands. The 2014 Editors’ Picks are featured in the September 2014 issue of Progressive Grocer magazine.

Progressive-Grocer-Cover Progressive-Grocer-Picks

Living Without Magazine – August/September 2014

“We love Better 4U’s Gluten Free Pizzas” – begins the article in the  “must haves” section of the August/September issue of Living Without magazine. To visit the Living Without website, click here.

Living Without Magazine - August-September-2014 LivingWithout-MustHaves-Article-August-September-2014


Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery Magazine – June 2014

Better4U Foods’ Amy Lotker contributes unique insights about the growth of the all-natural healthy frozen pizza category, amid the decline of high-fat, high-sodium pizza brands. To view the digital version of the issue, click here.

Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery

Go Gluten Free Magazine – March/April 2014

Better4U Gluten Free Pizzas are featured in the current issue of Go Gluten Free Magazine. To view the digital version of the issue, click here.


Gluten Free Best Friends – Natural Products Expo West


Among the excited media coverage we received from our presence at 2014 Natural Products Expo West was our inclusion in a roundup from Gluten Free Best Friends. These ladies loved our Gluten Free Dairy Free Roasted Vegetable pizza. Read their “Best of Expo West” review here.

 Gluten Free Best Friends Bailey and Mahaley at Expo West

Gluten Free Best Friends Bailey &  Mahaley


Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery Magazine – February 2014

Better4U Foods Sprouted Grain and Gluten Free Pizzas were featured in a recent issue of Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery magazine. The article, focusing on Pizza and Flatbread trends, can be accessed by clicking here.


New Mediterranean Sprouted Grain Crust Pizza – February 2014


Grocery Headquarters magazine is among a number of industry trade publications to publish the news about Better4U Foods launch of Ultra Thin Mediterranean Sprouted Grain Pizza.  Better4U Foods is the first company to sell Sprouted Grain Pizzas in supermarket freezers around the nation.



Hungry Girl – Diet-Friendly Food Finds, Best New Products for the New Year

Hungry Girl’s Lisa Lillien featured Better4U Pizzas in her award-winning blog’s roundup of nine “super-exciting guilt-free food finds that are making their debut.” Hungry Girl has raved on numerous occasions about our Sprouted Grain and Gluten Free pizzas alike.  To see the article, click here.

hungry-girl-  Hungry-Girl-Better4U-Foods-Pizza

2013 Progressive Grocer Editors’ Pick Award

Better4U Foods is proud to announce that our Ultra Thin Sprouted Grain Crust Pizzas have been selected as recipients of the 2013 Progressive Grocer Editors’ Pick Award. Better4U Sprouted Grain products were deemed to be “among the year’s most original, engaging and downright fun retail items,” according to Progressive Grocer Magazine editors. Both Better4U Foods Sprouted Grain pizzas were, “selected as top products in terms of innovation, taste/functionality and value.”


Better4U Ultra Thin Sprouted Grain Old World Veggie and Bruschetta Style pizzas each contain 39 grams of healthy whole grains and are made with NON-GMO all natural ingredients. Sprouted grains are proving to be an emerging trend among healthy all natural foods that contain increased amounts of fiber and provide the benefits of a lower glycemic index, which is especially helpful for people with diabetes.

“The winners delivered in spades in three key areas: innovation, functionality and value,” said Jim Dudlicek, PG’s editor-in-chief. “But above all, our Editors’ Picks had to deliver on taste, and this year’s winners came through.”

Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery

Industry Trade publication, Snack Food an Wholesale Bakery featured our new Multigrain Ultra-Thin Sprouted Grain Old World Veggie Pizza in their “New Product” section.  To see the article, click here.


The Nutritionist Reviews

Registered Dietitian Amanda Hernandez blogs about nutrition advice, healthy food and healthy lifestyle, so when she asked to review Better4U Pizza, we were only too happy to oblige.  Amanda reviewed our Multigrain Gluten Free Mediterranean Pizza and our brand new Ultra Thin Crust Sprouted Grain Old World Veggie Pizza.  She’s now a Better4U fan and is hosting her own Better4U Pizza Give-Away.  To read her review and view the give-away, click here.


“The Italian Voice” Newspaper

What an honor!  The Italian Voice newspaper featured Better4U Pizza on the front page of their April 25, 2013 edition.  The paper is also printed in Italian (La Voce Italiana) and is distributed throughout Italy too!  The Italian Voice reporter sampled our gluten-free pizza at a food media event in early April and was highly impressed.


Hey Do You Blog Raves About Better4U Foods 

courtesy of Hey Do You blog

Brooklyn, New York-native food and lifestyle blogger Yvonne Kai was among foodie media that our company encountered when participating in New York’s Food Fete event earlier this month.  Yvonne writes a glowing review of her experience with Better4U Foods pizzas. Yvonne received our Thin Crust Wood Fired Uncured Pepperoni, Dairy Free and Gluten Free Roasted Vegetable, and Gluten Free Mediterranean pizzas.  Read her review here.

courtesy of Hey Do You blog



Nomination for 2013 SIAL Innovation Award



Better4U Foods Gluten Free Roasted Vegetable Pizza was named as a finalist for the 2013 SIAL Innovation awards by an independent jury.

To view more about the SIAL Innovation Awards, click here.







Better For You Foods’ Amy Lotker in March Perishables Buyer 

Following the feature of Bettter4U Foods in the February edition, the March issue of Perishables Buyer includes a number of insightful quotes from Amy Lotker (Owner/Executive VP of Marketing & Sales) regarding the use of “health leaning metrics” to fuel the company’s commitment to healthy product development.  Read the full article here.












Better4U Foods Featured in March Grocery Headquarters Magazine

In the article entitled, “Selling Wellness – Child’s Play,” Better For You Foods’ Owner/EVP of Marketing & Sales – Amy Lotker, speaks to the fact that the Better4U Foods’ gluten-free pizza crust, made with brown rice, buckwheat and olive oil, will soon be available as a stand alone product.  The article convey’s our company’s desire to see parents and children who eat gluten-free foods becoming involved in the process of making delicious gluten-free pizzas, with each family member contributing their favorite toppings.  To see the Better4U Foods coverage, select page 108 within the digital edition, which can be accessed here.










Better4U Foods Featured as New Product in February Perishables Buyer 

Perishables Buyer Featured Better4U Foods’ all natural wood fired thin crust and gluten-free pizzas in the magazine’s New Products section of the February edition.












Winn-Dixie Now Selling Better4U Foods Gluten-Free Pizzas In 100 Stores



DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Dec. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Better4U Foods, a producer of all natural gluten-free and thin crust pizzas, has announced that Winn-Dixie will begin selling their gluten-free frozen pizzas in 100 stores throughout Florida, Georgia,Alabama and Louisiana beginning this month.  Read the press release.


Albertsons Begins Selling Better4U Foods Gluten-Free Pizzas In Seven Western States

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Dec. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Better4U Foods, a natural foods brand of gluten-free and thin crust frozen pizzas, has announced that 63 Albertsons Stores will begin selling their gluten-free pizzas this month. Albertsons Intermountain West Division stores in Idaho, Montana, North Dakota,  Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming now offer a variety of Better4U’s gluten-free pizzas.
Read the press release.


BREAKING NEWS!  Better For You Foods Acquires A.C. LaRocco

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Oct. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Better For You Foods LLC, owner of the “Better4U!” all natural brand of gluten-free and thin crust pizzas, is now the owner of A.C. LaRocco – another all natural and healthy frozen pizza brand. Between Better4U! and A.C. LaRocco, the company now offers a total of 15 varieties of all natural “better for you” frozen pizza.  Read the press release.



PRODUCT REVIEW (September 2012 Newsletter):  National Foundation for Celiac Awareness included Better4U Gluten Free Roasted Vegetable pizza a “Hot Products” selection.  We are grateful for their praise.  Read the glowing review here.





PRODUCT REVIEW (Published 8/8/2012):  Gluten Free West Palm Beach reviews our Gluten Free Roasted Vegetable and Gluten Free Four Cheese pizzas…and once again, we’re a hit!  Read the blog post here.



PRODUCT REVIEW (Published 7/25/2012):  Phil Lempert, The Supermarket Guru®, reviews our Gluten Free Roasted Vegetable and declares it a HIT!  See Phil’s video segment here.